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We have Starter Relay and Turn signal Flasher Relay.

  • Starter Relay
    These are relays for starter motors on motorcycles and outboard engines. Actual load current up to 729A is available. They also have a main fuse circuit for the vehicle as well as relay function.
  • Turn signal Flasher Relay
    Mitsuba goes a long way in the field of turn signal flasher relays for automobiles and motorcycles. Our abundant array of products falls into two general classifications, condensers and ICs(semiconductor chips), with a wealth of variations applicable to different bulb loads.


Starter Motors
Stater Motors

We have 3 model type for starter motor follow this :

  • SM5 and SM15
    Our compact bike and universal starter motors are applicable through a wide range of two wheeled vehicles, from mopeds to 150cc motorcycle
  • SM18
    Our mid-sized to large motorcycle and universal starter motors are applicable through a wid range of two wheeled vehicles, from 125cc to 2,000cc. Their lightweight, compact size and high output ensure utmost reliability.


Fan Motor
Fan Motor

Developed mainly for radiators and condenser cooling, the PM09 fan motor has a thin shape for ultimate space efficiency in the engine room. High water-proofability for endurance during long term air conditioner usage.

Fuel Pump
Fuel Pump Module

This compact fuel pump module for motorcycles is developed as a system product having fuel pump and pressure regulator. The weight has been reduced compared to the conventional fuel module for vehicles in consideration of smaller fuel tanks. It is applicable to the fuel tanks of capacity from 50cc to 150cc. We also offer a various type of tanks for alcohol fuels.

AC Generator and Starting Generator
AC Generator and Starting Generator


  • AC Generator for Motorcycles
    This is a flywheel AC generator developed for mid-sized to large motorcycles (150cc-1200cc) in order to respond to the advanced engine design and increased electrical load required for such as safety measures.
  • Starting Generator for Motorcycles
    The ACG starter has been developed to cope with the idling stop system for 125/150cc scooters. In this product, the functions of the AC generator and starter are brought to gether.