Quality Assurancee System

           Current consumer societies are more diversified, sopisticated and faster in terms of development. In addition to good relationship with customers, reliability of our products is a must. Therefore, the company has implemented a standardized inspection system that is applied to every piece of our products before delivery including part acceptance checking inspection, in-process quality inspection and final product inspection. Our products have been exported to worldwide markets under strict standards. Therefore, the company has established quality policy to let the employee acknowledge and understand in order to work towards common direction below;


Quality Policy

1. We have strong commitment to supply high quality products with competitive prices to the global market through our technology.

2. We will make Thai Summit Mitsuba the brand of choice in global scales.

3. We will continuously create and improve quality to bring satisfaction to our customers and communities.

          We have been incorporating stringent tests and control measures into every stage of production as well as having experienced quality control personnel to work on checking everything from the evaluation and selection of suppliers before making the decision to purchase and to do the inspection and trial of sample parts before actual production. Moreover, we also work on parts acceptance, checking and control of raw materials and 100% in-process quality inspection before transferring to warehouse and final product inspection to make the products completed in compliance with strict standards before delivery.



          To build a competitive advantage for our customers, "Timely Delivery" is our policy to serve customers satisfaction. All employees are aware of on time delivery.